Popcorn dispensingThe basic recipe for kettle corn is well known and relatively simple:

  • Popcorn
  • Sugar
  • Corn Oil
  • Sea Salt

What makes our kettle corn so awesome is how we put these ingredients together, as well as the quality of the ingredients we use. Not only is the popcorn great, it’s quite a process to watch! Kernels flying, people bustling, laughter resounding.

The end result is a blend of not-too-salty and just-enough-sweet to make a perfect bag of kettle corn.

You want to do it yourself? Try this!

How to Use a Microwave to Get Great Tasting Kettle Corn:
1) Find a Microwave
2) Visit a grocery store to pick up sugar, corn oil, salt and perfect popping kernels. Alternatively, settle on some form of prepackaged stuff.
3) Take everything home
4) Realize that there is no possible way to make good kettle corn with a microwave
5) Sell microwave
6) Use microwave money to buy REAL kettle corn

Seriously! The best part of proper kettle corn is a result of the high heat kettle. This high temperature browns the sugar before the kernels actually start to pop. This is the trick! A microwave, and even using a pot/pan on a stove, just results in melted sugar popcorn. It’s just not the same!

If you have any questions or want to know more, get in touch with us!